Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mr. Banana

Yesterday I was asked to combine primary classes with another class. I was extremely worried about this. The teacher said she was trying to get a sub. I was frustrated because this isn't Georgia. It is super easy to get a sub here. Every time I have tried to get a sub I usually can get one within 40 seconds. Also, it changes the dynamics of how I teach this class. I have three sweet little girls, although last Sunday I found out I have another child. He hasn't ever been to my class, but he came last week and went to his brother's class. He is going to be a handful. I didn't know if he was going to show up and I wanted his first experience to be a positive one. I asked how many people she has in her class. She said she usually has four that show up. The thing is, I don't know if it is going to be four or more than four. Add to my possibility of four and me by myself; that makes me really anxious. Also, because my class is so small I teach every week by myself. This other teacher only teaches every other week. The thing that irritated me was she said, "I owe you one. Well, I guess I already did this for you, I taught Natalie." What? You are comparing me teaching a class of who knows how many to when I was gone and only Natalie was there? I did get a sub, but when she saw it was only Natalie she asked if she could go with another class. How is that the same? I answered, "For the record, I did get a sub. It was the sub that pawned off Natalie, not me." I don't know why that bothered me so badly. I'm just really nervous. I like to know what I am walking into, and I have no idea. Teaching is hard. I am good at it, but that doesn't mean it is easy for me. Anyways, I decided to ask someone to come in and help me. I contacted one of our permanent subs and asked if she could come in with me. She answered within twenty seconds and said she would love to. How can you not find a sub if I got one within twenty seconds? We have three permanent subs, the parents of the kids in the class and fifteen people who have said they would be willing if we needed them. All on a handy dandy list. Okay, done with rant.

I woke up worried but thought this would be good. I asked Liz Brockbank to help me. She is young and just was called to this calling. I'm not sure she has ever taught primary before. I thought she could see what it is like and help ease my anxiety. Win-win. The lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. I complained to Mike about how boring this lesson seemed and how I couldn't find any good helps or think of any good ideas. The lesson manual looked like it didn't have enough to take the entire time. Plus, the things I was trying to print out weren't working. He was the right person to complain to because he is a freaking genius! I wish I had his creativity. He asked me if I would want to take the fruit bowl he brought to Jorja's school on Friday. Oh my gosh! This was the best lesson ever! Okay . . . first we had sharing/singing time. Here are my three girls. I love them!
Andi, Natalie, Alex
 I'm worried about telling Andi and Alex apart once Alex's hair grows back.
Luckily she cut her bangs really short right as I became her teacher. :)
Mike and I talked about different things I wanted to do in my lesson. He programed Mr. Banana while I was at choir practice. He kept the order secret from me so I would be surprised. I knew the different things Mr. Banana was going to say, but I didn't know the order. All I knew was right before the prayer the kids would have apple cider. I ended up having three kids from the other class. The girl was really easy, but the boys were more difficult. Luckily with three adults in the room we were able to sit between them and redirect them. Anyways, I started off by asking the kids if they knew what the Word of Wisdom was. No one did. They had heard the words before, but they couldn't tell what it was about. I briefly explained to them the Word of Wisdom and how no one knew things like smoking were harmful to your bodies before Heavenly Father told Joseph Smith. I made sure to explain that people who don't follow the Word of Wisdom aren't bad, it is just bad for your body. I also talked about Daniel refusing the kings wine and meat. After that was done I told them that Mr. Banana was going to teach the rest of the lesson. Natalie was first. Mike taught her how to use the wand and the banana asked her to find a picture that shows something healthy. She was to put it in a bag with a smiley face on it. Mike had taped healthy and unhealthy pictures up around the room. Mr. Banana would ask them to find a picture of cigarettes and tear up the picture. They loved tearing up the bad pictures. Mr. Banana would have them do jumping jacks, push ups and even take a walk around the church. Once Mr. Banana asked them to watch a video. We watched a two minute video about the Word of Wisdom. Sometimes Mr. Banana would have them eat something healthy. We had bread, bananas (haha!), and apple cider. Mr. Banana even said the closing prayer. It. Was. Awesome. I peaked at my girls while Mr. Banana was saying the closing prayer. They had their arms folded, eyes closed and were trying so hard not to laugh. I am going to remember that image forever.
Mr. Banana
Mike is so great. I was so worried about this class and this lesson and he turned it into one of my favorite teaching memories. I had talked to Liz right before class. I told her that we were doing something a little different today and I usually don't go all out for lessons like I am this time. I didn't want her to think she has to program things to make it exciting. I did tell her that I think the most important part of my calling is to make sure the kids have a good experience at church. They need to like it and have fun. Although when I'm talking to my kids I always start the class with telling them that they are going to have a boring lesson. I did it today too. I told the other class that one thing they need to know about me is I'm a boring teacher and I teach boring lessons. I asked my girls if that was right. They were giggling and said, "Yes! She is boring!" I think this started when we had a visitor and he was complaining about being bored. I told him thank you, that meant I was doing my job! Whenever the kids ask me in sharing time what our lesson is about I always say, "Something boring". I don't know why I do this. It makes the girls giggle though.

Anyways, church was awesome. Because of Mike. I'm so lucky. (Also, Mike asked me if I would remember to bring a bag with a smiley face on it. I told him I would. A couple of times. Surprise! I forgot! Mike hurried home during sacrament meeting to get it. He also picked up my choir music that I left home too.) We then came home to dinner Mike had cooked. Mike also helped me make yogurt last night for the first time. It was yucky by itself, but if we added fruit and honey it was so good! Preston had thirds! This is what my boys were doing right before I took Maysen back to Logan. I love my family.
Preston & Stockton
Maysen and I stopped at Matt and Sam's on the way. Maysen had never met Gregory. I think this first meeting was a success!
Maysen & Gregory
I also gave Gregory his blanket. Yay! Maysen talked to me on the way up to Logan to help me stay awake. Mike had put an audible book and a portable speaker in the car to help me on the way back. I listened to Hunger Games. The thing that annoys me about the audible book is it is narrated by someone who sounds like they are in their 40s. Why couldn't they get someone close to Katniss' age? Or at least someone who sounds like they are 16. I wonder how you get the job to narrating books? I would be horrible at that, but my dad would be fantastic!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Life is Good

I totally forgot to write about Jorja's 'Life is Good' project. At the beginning of the year the kids have to sign up for a day to do a ten minute presentation. When Stockton had this teacher he took the first available slot. Jorja took the last. Stockton did his about paper airplanes. Jorja did hers about her dad. The kids are supposed to bring a hand out and something for the kids, like something to eat. Stockton made paper airplanes for everyone and his handout was a piece of paper that said 'Fold this into a paper airplane'. Jorja's handout was a tiny 3D printed robot and homemade apple cider. Jorja shared how cool her dad is and the fun stuff he does. 3D printing, apple press, wand stations. She had a blast!

Today was a busy day! Mike dropped off Stockton at school so he could take a practice AP Physics test, then he spent the rest of the day at a political meeting. Mike is a county delegate. I dropped off Jorja at her softball practice and Maysen at her laser appointment. After Maysen's appointment we went to Home Depot and took lots of pictures of kitchen stuff and got floor, countertop and paint samples. Maysen is designing a kitchen for her final in Interior Design. We finished about fifteen minutes before Jorja was finished so decided to hit up Sonic. When Jorja got in the car she said, "Let's go eat!" and then groaned when she saw the Sonic bag. I stopped by Arby's to get her a chicken cordon bleu; that is her favorite right now. I saw this advertisement while I was in there. I can't even imagine.
Mike took Jorja to a Japanese steakhouse place yesterday. No one else wanted to go with him. Maysen and I were still full from our lunch at Angie's. They brought home leftovers. Mike texted me around lunchtime asking to save the leftovers for him. I texted back 'oops'. I thought I was hilarious, Mike not so much. It has been so much fun having Maysen home for this little bit. I love it when my entire family is together. Thirteen days until she moves home for the summer!
Maysen, Stephanie, Stockton, Preston in the messy kitchen
 Maysen & Stephanie
Maysen is working on her Interior Design project. We talked and talked and talked with her. Preston did a Family Home Evening lesson for everyone. He was able to finish his Duty to God requirements for scouts. Today was a great day.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Gregory's Blanket

I went to Logan today to pick up Maysen. We packed up a few of her things. Mostly her closet and random knick-nacks. I'm so excited that she will be moving home in two weeks! I'm happy she has loved college. It will be wonderful to have summer with all of my kids at home. Maysen and I stopped at Angie's on the way home. I got a soup and sandwich, Maysen got a grilled cheese. We also shared a giant scone. We were both stuffed.

Stockton convinced Maysen to watch a few episodes of Bruno the Kid with him. Grandma Parry had something with Bruno the Kid on it down in the room the kids used to sleep in. Stockton found out what cartoon character it was and thinks it's funny to watch the show. I took that opportunity to finish Gregory's blanket. I made several mistakes, but when I give the blanket to Matt and Sam I am going to force myself not to point out the mistakes to them. I picked the same fabric that I made Stockton and Preston's blankets from. Grandma Parry made their comforters from this fabric too. Sharon gave us a box of cabin fabric a few years ago, and there was a lot of this fabric. I thought it would be perfect for Gregory. I hope the blanket looks okay with the back I picked out. I found fabric with lots of words on it. Things like: be happy, be yourself, forgive quickly, dream big. Tons of things like that. It made me think of Sam, especially since she likes words. Hopefully they will like this blanket.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rained Out

I worked on Gregory's blanket most of the day. I have no idea how my grandma made so many blankets. She spent the last few healthy years of her life making blankets for new grand babies. She knew she wouldn't be able to make the blankets soon, so she made as many as she could. I think she made about 70 blankets for soon to be born kids. When she died I think there were around 40 left. This one is taking me forever, I wonder how my grandma did it?

Jorja had a softball game. We thought it was probably rained out, but Jorja got a text saying the game was on. We hurried down there, but Jorja's team was the only one that showed up. I don't think it was a forfeit though because Mike said the automatic thing you call to see if games are cancelled said all games were cancelled today. Maybe Jorja's coaches were hoping they would change their mind? They ended up practicing. I watched from the car. Mike came straight from work, so we hung out in the car together. We did get out of the car and watch behind the backstop towards the end. We were able to see Jorja pitch and bat. The weather app says it will be a sunny weekend and rain all next week. Jorja is not happy about that possibility.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Panic Attack

Mike came home for lunch today. We had tacos. We have a ton leftover from Saturday. I have had tacos for lunch every day this week. I think a few more days and that should do it!

Stockton and I picked up Preston early from school to go to diving. Here is a video of Stockton's 2 1/2 pike on 3 meter. I didn't get any good videos of Preston because he worked mostly on 1 meter, so he was kind of hard to see.
Preston wanted to play Seafall when we got home. Mike, Preston and I have played that a lot lately. It is really fun, but takes forever. Stockton and Jorja had no interest in playing the game. (We started it a few months ago.) We try to fit in a few turns whenever we can. While we were playing I got a call from Jorja's coach. Jorja was at softball practice. Her coach said she got bonked on the head and was having a little panic attack. She said she got her breathing calmed down but her vision was going in and out. She suggested I come to practice in case Jorja needed to be seen by someone. Yikes! That was a little worrysome.

Jorja was sitting on the grass by the 3rd base side when I came. She was still a little teary and shaky, but didn't want to leave. She didn't want to talk about what happened because she was worried she would start crying again. I was able to get Jorja to talk to me on the way home. Jorja had been pitching at practice, then they called her in to bat. The other picture needed to warm up, so Jorja took out her phone to see if Stockton had texted her back. He had, but she didn't read the text. She just tossed the phone into her bag. Apparently one of the assistant coaches had seen Jorja with her phone. He came over and started yelling at her, then he hit her on the head. Jorja was wearing her helmet, so it didn't hurt, but it was loud and it scared her. She hurried up to bat because she didn't want to start crying. She was shaking, but was able to get on the base. After she had ran the bases, she went behind the backstop because she couldn't breathe. She was gasping for breath for awhile. She tried to go bat again, but her vision fogged over and she couldn't see anything. I think that was when the coaches noticed something was wrong with her. Jorja really likes her coaches this year except she says they swear a lot. I think the coach that hit her helmet was trying to be funny, but Jorja isn't use to humor like that. We are so blessed that we don't have any contention in the home. The kids don't fight with each other. Mike and I don't fight with them. Mike and I don't fight with each other. There is a lot of peace here. I know some people fight as a way to joke around, and I think that was what the coach was doing; but Jorja isn't used to that at all. I don't know why she wasn't able to breath, she said it just really scared her. (The coach that hit her is a pretty big dude.) As we left practice, Jorja gave cupcakes to everyone and a special cake slice to the assistant coach that had hit her. It was his birthday on Monday and Jorja brought him cake for it. He said, "You are the sweetest child I have ever met." Yep. That sums Jorja up nicely.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Righteous Day

I did a lot of church stuff today. I went visiting teaching to Javita. I love talking to her. She thinks the MLB draft is going to be on June 12th, which is a Monday. I thought things like that always were on Sunday. Hopefully her son, Damian, will be drafted. Pretty exciting. I went straight from Javita's house to the temple. The Relief Society was doing a temple trip. I have been trying to go once a week to the temple this year, so I figured now would be as good as a time as any. Only two other people from my ward were there. Suzanne Heaton (the Relief Society president) and Carolyn Madsen. Anna Marie Neider was also there. She moved out of our ward several years ago. She was the YW secretary in the presidency when I served in that calling. I got to know her well and even shared a room with her at girls camp. I really like her, so it was nice to see her. I also saw Cathy Jex when I was in the dressing room. Lots of people at the temple today.

I went on splits with the missionaries tonight. I had never done that before and I was really nervous about it, especially since I was supposed to set up all of the appointments. Nellie said she would do that for me. I was so thankful! The problem was, as we were driving to the first appointment we received a text that the other appointment was cancelled. She said we could go knock on this one person's door if we had extra time. I really didn't want to do that because I don't know that person at all. Because we live in a gated community, the missionaries need someone who lives in that community to go with them to knock on doors. I was super scared about that. Anyways, we ended up spending the entire time at the first house, so it worked out. I dropped off the missionaries back at the church where a car was waiting for them so they could go on splits with another ward. When I got home I saw a message from Nellie that came in at 7:00. She said she set up an appointment with Jeanette at 7:15. I had my cell phone on silent, so I didn't see the message. I texted Jeanette and let her know we wouldn't be coming. She had been waiting for us, so I felt bad.

I also felt bad that I would miss Jorja's softball game. It ended up pouring rain right before she got to the field, so the game was cancelled. Jorja had been looking forward to that game. It was against her old coach. The one she started out with. He is so great. We did not know he was coaching her age group. His daughter isn't technically old enough, but she wanted to play up. Jorja loves seeing him at the field and was really looking forward to this game.

That is the gist of my day. Long day. I'm going to have a wicked day tomorrow to even things out. Just kidding!

Monday, April 17, 2017

No Colorado

Starting another week. Why can't weekends be longer? Stockton had diving today. We realized the other day that Stockton wouldn't be able to go to the big USA diving competition in Colorado. I texted his coaches and let them know. I talked to Tyce after diving to make sure things were good. He wasn't too happy. He said that this competition is what they train for all year. Yep. So are the AP tests. I knew this competition would be the last weekend in April, because it seems to always be the weekend before testing starts. Ochoa told me at parent-teacher conference at the beginning of the year that they would have a practice AP test that Saturday. I told him Stockton would most likely have a major diving competition. Ochoa said that he would make sure to schedule a time to take the test the week before. Great. The problem is, Stockton's physics teacher scheduled a practice AP test the same time Ochoa's early test was. The three Saturdays before the AP tests start Stockton is spending half a day studying at school. I wish Stockton could have gone to Colorado. He would only have done 3 meter because 1 meter is on Sunday. I think it would be great for Stockton to see how much he has improved. I don't think he realizes that he is a lot better than last year, it would have been good for him to know that.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Waterfall

Happy Easter! Preston and Mike made crepes this morning. Preston is stinking adorable. The kids had small Easter baskets and a present from us. The present wasn't well received. We expected that. I have been thinking and thinking about a way to get the cell phones out of the kids rooms at night. The problem is they listen to certain music and audible books on their phones. Jorja used to listen to the Friend every night, but I don't think she does that anymore. Mike came up with a brilliant idea to use Alexia. Mike and Christen gave us Alexia for Christmas. We have had fun playing with her, but knew we weren't using her to her full potential. The idea of having Alexia as an alarm and playing their music was much more appealing then having them continue to use their cell phones. The Alexia Mike and Christen gave us we put in the boys' room. We found an Alexia for a great price to put in Jorja's room. She changed her name to Echo. Preston was surprisingly sad about this. He has been sleeping up in the guest room lately. He listens to video game music at night. Mike found a way for him to continue to listen to video game music, so he is happy again. Half of the time Stockton leaves his phone by his computer, so it is no big deal for him. Jorja on the other hand is a different story, also the reason for this change. I told her that if Maysen had been as social as she was this policy would have happened a long time ago. I don't want to have her friends texting her after I send her to bed. Especially since some of her friends have not been the nicest to her lately. I don't want to worry that my child is getting mean things thrown at them when they should be safe at home. Plus, I read a study somewhere that said kids who sleep with cell phones in their rooms don't sleep as well because subconsciously they are listening for texts, worried they are missing something. I could see that being the case with Jorja. Mike and I got a charging dock for the kids to put their phones in before they go to bed. Hopefully this will be great, even though Jorja will resent it.

After church Mike, Preston and I went on a hike to Mike's favorite place - the Bell Canyon Waterfall. He spent a lot of time here while he was growing up. Stockton and Jorja didn't come. They both had a lot of homework to do. Stockton has been working hours and hours on homework. He has eight pages left of a giant review sheet due on Tuesday. Stockton gave me a compelling argument to stay. Jorja didn't do a great job on her argument. She has an essay due tonight. I hate how teachers can have things due after school. I wanted Jorja to lay out her case like Stockton did, but she didn't understand what I was asking and basically said she would have a horrible attitude if I made her go. Hmmmm. That argument sounds familiar. Maysen used that one a time or two. Jorja started crying and said that her church lesson was on friendship and that made her sad. I let her stay with Stockton and she ended up getting 30 out of 30 on a Utah Compose essay. That's not an easy thing to do. She wrote about kudzu. I asked her if she remembered kudzu from Georgia. She did not. Anyways, at least she did well and we had a great time with Preston.

Preston needed to go on a three mile hike for scouts. They did this on Thursday. They changed the date of scouts and I didn't realize it. Preston's piano teacher had asked if he could move his piano lessons to Thursday that week. If I had known about scouts I wouldn't have done that. We had a great time with Preston, so it worked out just fine. Preston loved taking pictures, so some of these are from him. I tried not to double any pictures, but it got a little confusing taking them from different phones.
 Mike & Preston ~ Preston really wanted to find this rock he remembered climbing with Stockton
 Stephanie ~ didn't want to climb that rock
It was a long way up but we made it to the waterfall. We told Preston we could turn back early because we had gone more than three miles, but he wanted to stick it out. It is so pretty up there! We also saw Dan's signs he helped put up last fall. It makes it a lot easier to find the waterfall, especially the last turn. I missed the turn when I went with Maysen. Mike didn't like the signs because he liked the waterfall feeling more like a secret. Later he said that at least with the signs his kids and grandkids can find the waterfall after he is gone.

Mike took Preston to stand next to the waterfall. I felt like I was close enough. Plus I was able to get a few cute pictures of them.
Preston & Mike
 Preston & Mike
 Stephanie, Preston, Mike
 Stephanie & Preston
Preston was supposed to make trail mix and bring his first aid kit he made in scouts. We sent these pictures to his scout leader.
Mike loves to drink from the water and to stick his head in the stream. Like father, like son.
 Mike & Preston
Mike and Preston got ahead of me on the way down. I always think down is going to be easier, but my knees hate going down! Preston and Mike were waiting for me on this rock. They wanted to scare me, but I knew they would be here. I know my boys.
Mike & Preston
One of my favorite pictures. I love watching these two together. Preston is so much like Mike. This is right after Preston fell. He did great the entire way, and fell here. Mike asked him if he wanted a piggy back ride to the car, but Preston wanted to walk the entire way. He has grown up! It wasn't too long ago when he wouldn't be able to stop crying over a fall like that.
Mike & Preston
We made it to our car right as the sun was setting. This was the first time Mike has gone on this hike where he hasn't left from his house. It was weird to him, and a bit sad. He is happy that there is still a way to get up to the waterfall though. That would have been really sad if all access had been cut off. My feet are tired. I kept thinking on the hike, "I hope tomorrow isn't leg day." Well, I have now checked. Tomorrow is leg day. Oh boy....

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Gregory's Home!

Matt and Sam were able to bring Gregory home today! Matt called and I hurried over with the kids. Mike wasn't able to come because we were feeding the missionaries in an hour and hadn't started dinner. That's okay, I'm sure he'll see him soon.
Stephanie & Gregory
 Gregory & Stockton
 Jorja & Gregory
 Preston & Gregory
My brothers and I were texting back and forth today. Mike sent pictures of his new house, I think I'll save those for another day. John texted a picture of his family having dinner with Brett's family. I think they are at Brett's house, but I'm not positive. How fun to see each other so often. I bet both families are going to miss this when Brett moves.
Cassie, John & Collin, Brandon, Marie, Mallory, Mina, Brett
Grace, Eve, Trevor
Rachel must be taking the picture. Preston went shopping with me today. He is going to make crepes with Mike tomorrow. He wanted to pick out everything. Dinner with the missionaries was delicious. Mike made tacos. We have two sister missionaries. Sister Enderle and Sister Shimizu. Sister Shimizu asked Stockton if he was a diver. Stockton looked down at his shirt to see if he was wearing a diving shirt. Nope. He said yes and asked her how she knew. She had gone to the BYU dive camp a few years ago and recognized Stockton. That's a crazy good memory!

Friday, April 14, 2017


I worked most the day on ironing triangles for a blanket I'm making. I can't believe how long that takes? Maybe because I'm using the iron my parents bought me when I went away to college for the first time. That was almost twenty-five years ago. They probably make more powerful irons now. Maybe I should look into that if I want to make Grandma Parry blankets on a regular basis!

Jorja went with Hailey and Allison to Create, which is a delicious dessert place. They came back here when they were finished and played around in the motorhome. I have no idea what they were doing. Hopefully something worthwhile.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Jorja had her softball pictures today. Too bad it was incredibly windy! I dropped her off early and then Mike and I came when the game actually started. We sat on a blanket on the first base side. The dirt was blowing into the spot we usually sit at. Jorja played against her friend Areesha. She was on Jorja's softball team the first time Jorja ever played. It was cute hearing Areesha cheering for her. Jorja  got to bat first. She scored both times she was up. Jorja was happy about that. Her coaches are keeping track of who scores the most runs during the season. Whoever scores the most wins a $25 gift card.
Jorja on second
The girl at the end of the batting order had never played before. This is her first season and she rarely comes to practice. She was last because she showed up after the game had already started. She was wearing super short shorts and looked freezing! Anyways, she was on second and Jorja was on first. The coaches would yell at her to run, she would. Then she would freak out and run back, causing Jorja to be out of place. Luckily Jorja never got out because of it. That would have annoyed her! Especially with the contest on the line!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No Clothes

I went to the temple today. I have been trying to go to the temple once a week this year. Mike, Preston and I were playing a game this morning. We hurried to finish, get Preston out the door and then I hurried out as well. I got my session card for 9:30 and was shown to a locker room. It wasn't until I was in the locker room that I realized I had left my temple clothes at home. Whoops! I asked a nice older lady if they rented clothes. She laughed and said, "I was wondering if you just had really big pockets." They don't rent clothes, but they do have some people can borrow. She took me down in the elevator to the laundry. I was able to get everything I needed down there. Crazy, I have been going so often - how could I have forgotten? The person helping me through the veil was Leigh Gunnell. That was cool. I can't remember seeing him since my mom died. I'm sure he was at my brother's weddings though. He was my stake president when I was growing up and was a counselor to my dad in the bishopric when my dad was Bishop.

After the temple I stopped by the hospital to see Sam and Gregory. He is still in the NICU, but his IV has moved to the top of his head. That will stop him from pulling it out! He looked cozy wrapped up in the blanket. My kids loved being wrapped up like that. Sam said she is feeling a lot better today. She was worried about Greg, but the doctor came in and checked on him and said he has improved. He's not breathing as fast for as long as he was before. His oxygen level is normal and they want Sam to try nursing him a couple of times to see how he tolerates that. If he does well, they can take his IV out tomorrow.
 Gregory with the blanket Matt & Sam made him
I dropped both of the boys off at the University of Utah for diving. I then went to Kendra's house. She lives right across the street from the capitol. It is awesome! Their view out of their front window is the capitol. Anyways, she was giving a few things away, one of them being a Christmas tree with lights. Mike has wanted a Christmas tree that already has the lights attached for awhile now. I stopped by to pick it up. Worse case, we can give it away. Sharon was at Kendra's house. I talked to Sharon for awhile. She called the Regents people for me, looking for what the actual wording of the law is. She is encouraging me to call my representatives about it. I'm a little nervous, but we'll see. She also talked to me about different scholarships. When Matt Parry went to BYU, in order to be considered for the Hinckley scholarship you had to have a 33 on your ACT. My how times have changed! I bet now you need a 36! Matt got a 31 the first time he took the ACT. When he heard 33 was the magic number he studied and took it again. That was worth his time because he got a 35 and was awarded a Hinckley scholarship. Anyways, it was fun to talk with Sharon. We set up a time to go river rafting with my family on the 4th of July. That should be fun. Hopefully we don't knock Sharon into the water this time!

Maysen was able to register for her classes and she got everything she wanted, including the fiction writing class! Yay! A lot of the classes she registered for are only offered in fall, so it was nice to get them. She will have sixteen credits, four psychology classes and one writing class. Neuroscience sounds the hardest to me. She will also be taking Scientific Thinking, Psychological measurement and Behavioral assessment.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Purple Rain

I watched Jeff this afternoon. We stepped outside to take a walk right as I got a text. Jacqui wanted to know if I wanted to go on a walk with her while she walked her dog. I was excited and said yes. I didn't tell her I had Jeff because I didn't want to change her mind. I wish I had a stroller, but we managed. I also visit teach Jacqui and she has been really hard to get ahold of lately, so this worked out great! Jeff liked it as well. He thought Charlie was fun. We walked to the park and pushed Jeff in the swings and then walked home.

Greg is still in the NICU. Matt and Sam have both been able to hold him for a few minutes, but then he gets too excited and starts breathing super fast again. Sam didn't do well today. She had a horrible headache. She doesn't think it was a migraine, but it hit her so hard she couldn't function. I guess it was good she was in the hospital with nurses watching over Gregory. Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

Jorja started her softball season today. We were a little late for her game (not for the game part, but for the be early part) because I exploded cheese sauce all over the kitchen. I felt like I had to clean that up first. Jorja did great and had such a fun time. She got a nice hit over the second baseman and stole home later. Jorja and Raina switch off catching, so that is wonderful. Jorja loves catching, but it is nice to not kill her legs every game. I named this post Purple Rain because I think that is what the team name is, although Jorja keeps trying to convince them to call themselves 'Jorja'.
Jorja at bat
 Jorja catching
Stockton has been working so hard lately. He stayed after school for an hour and a half to work on physics. I forgot to remind him about Young Mens. Jorja's game was during that time. I asked him if he went. He did. They did yard work. I went to bed before Stockton. He was still doing homework when I went to sleep. Maysen was supposed to register today, we thought. She thought her time was at 11:00 at night. I asked her to text me when it was finished. She texted after 11:00 and said it wasn't working and she thinks her time is for 8:00 tomorrow night. There are only four seats left in the fiction writing class. She tried to get into that class for this semester and wasn't able to. We are really hoping she gets into this one because intermediate fiction is only offered every Spring. She will miss out on that class if she can't get into this one. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! AHHHH!