Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cub Country

Preston had cub country today. The last couple of years I have gone with him. It was nice just to get him ready and send him off. Mike took Jorja to school since Jorja and Preston needed to be somewhere at the same time. The boys had made shirts for one of their projects. They leaders had them made into a bright yellow so that the boys would be easy to find at camp. Smart. They handed out the shirts when we got there.

Preston arrived home right as I was leaving for diving with Stockton. (Stockton's diving was later in the day because of a swim camp held at the U.) This worked out nicely because I was able to see Preston before we left. Well, actually it would have been better at the original time because then I would have been home with Preston. Oh well. Mike took Jorja to softball practice and I got a text that she left her cleats in the van. Whoops. She left her bag in the van on Monday. Luckily she still had her mitt. Jorja has loved practicing softball constantly. I can't believe how busy she has been this summer! It doesn't even feel like summer has started yet.

Speaking about having a busy summer, I forgot to write about EFY calling me on Monday. Clear back in February I had tried to get Jorja into EFY with Ebony. Ebony was able to get in because she did the early sign up. I've never had my kids go to EFY, mostly because we never hear about it until it is too late. Anyways, it didn't look like it was going to happen. Later I tried to find a time for Jorja and Miah to go. I thought I might be able to pull that off because Miah was okay going anywhere. There were lots of slots for the boys, but not for the girls. Anyways, out of the blue, EFY called me and said they had an opening for Jorja to be with Ebony. I checked with Mike and Jorja to see if this would be something she would want to do and if we could make it work. I also checked with Brett and Rachel because EFY is next week and we would pick up Jorja on Saturday, which would make us late to the cabin. I just wanted to make sure they were okay if we were a bit late. I didn't want to hurt their feelings that they drove across the country and we changed our plans on them. Anyways, we got that all set up so Jorja will be going to EFY next week. Later, Ebony's mom told me that she called EFY and asked if Jorja could be put on a special waiting list because Ebony really wanted to room with her. Wow. I can't believe she pulled it off. Jorja is pretty excited. I talked to Sherry and Miah about it on Monday, right after it happened. I didn't want Miah to get her feelings hurt. Hopefully Jorja and Miah can do EFY next year.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Nothing too exciting today, just busy. I dropped Jorja off at school then headed to the temple. I was able to make the 8:00 session, so I was happy about that. I dropped Stockton off at bowling, then picked Jorja up from school. I haven't wanted Stockton to drive to bowling yet because I need to pick up Jorja from school while he is there. Hopefully he can drive sometimes once Jorja's school is over. The air conditioner doesn't work in the car right now. I'm not sure how hot it is, but one of the electric signs outside a store said 101 degrees. I don't think that was right, but it is so hot while I drive around. I have the windows opened, but it is really hard to stand. I usually come home with sweat dripping down my back and my front. I have the windows rolled down, but it just doesn't cut it. Hopefully one day we can get the air-conditioning fixed.

Jorja had softball practice today. I picked her up early and Mike took her to Dessa's birthday party. The party ended at 11:00. I told her I would pick her up then. Only after she was dropped off I remembered she is still in school and would need to be up at 6:00! Whoops. Mike usually does anything late at night because I am not a night person at all. This time I agreed to get Jorja. Mike was so tired. He is on call this week and it has been pretty rough.

Stockton had a high adventure activity tomorrow. I knew it was coming up and that it would be at Lake Powell, but didn't know more than that. I had sent an email asking, but didn't hear a reply until late tonight. I texted my friend Stephanie to see what she knew. All she knew is they were meeting at the church at 5:30 in the morning. Stockton and I talked a lot about him going. He would love doing cliff jumping, but he is in the thick of summer school right now. I was willing to drive him the 7 hours to St. George if he wanted to go after his class. Turns out he decided to skip the entire thing. He ended up scheduling his biology midterm on Friday afternoon. He has his bowling class on Thursday. He also has a biology paper due Monday and write ups for his film class due Monday as well. I think it was a good decision to skip this. He did go to the church camp last week. I think he would be running on empty if he tried to fit this one in too. One day life will slow down for that kid!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Running Into Kristi

Happy birthday Mike! Mike sent me this picture of the socks I gave him. He said he opened this present right as Harper hit a 2-run homer. Talk about timing!
Bubs let me know he was reffing down at the Huntsman Center starting at 5. The boys diving was changed this week from 4-6. Preston was there, but Stockton had class. I watched Preston like a hawk the first hour, making sure no one was picking on him. I ask his teacher to watch him the second hour so I could go watch my brother. She said it was okay. I was a little disappointed because I thought the JO divers wouldn't be there because of the Wyoming competition, but they were there. Tyce said he talked to them about how to be a good teammate. After I got home I started wondering if he just talked in general about it or if he called out Girl A and Boy A on their actions. I hope he called them out. How will they ever learn that this is not acceptable if everyone lets them get away with anything because they can dive into a pool?

Anyways, the Huntsman Center is steps away from where Preston was diving. Bubs was reffing some girls high school camp games. I was watching him and noticed I recognized one of the players. Kellie. I started looking around to see if Kellie's mom was there. She was! Kristi and I were great friends in high school. It was awesome to run into her like this.
 Taking a picture of Kristi right as she notices me.
Kristi's dad died when she was seven from melanoma. Right as Kristi turned 40 she went and had a mammogram, they found cancer. She had a double mastectomy, but kept her nipples. I remember talking to her about it because my breast surgeon wouldn't let me keep my nipples. Anyways, a couple of months ago Kristi found a lump in her nipples and the cancer is back. She had to have surgery again. Her brother is also dying right now. I'm not sure what kind of cancer he has, but he is only a few years older than us. His youngest child is 4, I think his oldest is 18 or something like that. Kristi said he has no hope of surviving. My heart is aching for her and her family right now.

Kellie is deaf. She had a cochlear implant when she was super young. Right now they are trying something new. The coach has a headphone and what he says is transmitted right into Kellie's brain. I heard him say, "Kellie, behind you". It's great for things like that. The problem is the coach has a mouth on him. He swears all the time. Kellie hears the words right inside her brain and it makes her super uncomfortable. Kristi said that they are trying to work out the kinks right now.
Bubs was talking to Kristi about the cochlear implant. He said the sign language teacher at his school is super against them. Kristi said that they had the implant put in when Kellie was really young. Kellie now wishes she had an implant in on both sides, but the brain has adapted to what she had done. Kristi said if you wait until the child is old enough to tell you what they want, you are making the choice for them. Kellie could always not have the implant turned on, so this way she has a choice.
I hurried back to diving after Kellie's game was over. I managed to catch Preston going off the 5 meter.
Preston and I headed straight to Hidden Village Park. The Smith family reunion was being held there.  We were late, but people were still eating. Sherry and Miah were there when we arrived. Steve and Shannon and their family came probably thirty minutes after we got there. Sherry brought chicken for everyone. After awhile, Mike took Maysen and Preston home. Preston threw up in the jeep on the way home. Maybe this is why?
Jorja had softball practice, so she couldn't go. Stockton was at class. I hung out talking to Brent and Kim and some of the older family that I don't know very well. I was waiting until it was time to pick up Stockton from his class in Taylorsville at 9:30. It was fun to talk to them for a bit. Brent and Kim were asking me about people in our neighborhood. They lived here years before we moved in, and many of the people are the same. For example, Bishop Valentine is the one who told Brent he was having a heart attack while they were playing basketball years ago. Glad he noticed! Brent probably would have waited too long to get checked out before he realized what was happening.

Scoop wasn't able to come. He went to California to help Lisa move. I don't know why he didn't go a few days later so he could come to this. It is so sad how he rarely sees any of his family anymore. I think he feels that as long as he has a connection with Lisa he is good, but the rest of us miss him. I am glad he came to our swim party before Lisa moved. He has never done that before, maybe he will start coming around more often, but I doubt it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gregory's Blessing

Happy Father's Day! Gregory was also blessed today. I made Mike breakfast in bed while the kids slept in. Funny how they sleep in now. They have been super busy though. We opened presents before church. Mike got a new kindle that he was hoping would be easy to read pdfs on. The text didn't enlarge easy, so he was disappointed. His eyes have gotten really bad recently. The kids and I got Mike two games and one present that hasn't arrived yet. We got him One Night Ultimate Werewolf (Stockton's suggestion) and Betrayal at House on the Hill (Jorja's suggestion). Preston had helped me stash the presents. When I went to get them, I also found a Mother's Day card from Preston that he had hidden and apparently forgotten about.
Preston, Jorja, Mike, Maysen, Stockton
 Stephanie & Preston
Matt and Sam were in the back of the chapel, so we sat a few rows behind them. We still had soft seats, so that was nice. There were a lot of people on hard seats in the cultural hall behind us. We usually sit close to the front when we are at our regular ward. I did not like sitting in the back. I couldn't hear anything and found it hard to focus. Mike said that the speaker above us was not turned on. We did see Mr. Ward there. He was the Student Government advisor when Mike was a SBO. We talked to him for awhile and Mike introduced our kids. He asked about all of Mike's siblings. It's crazy how he can remember so many kids!

Mike got a lot of ties on Monday from Nathan. He joked about giving everyone a tie on Father's Day. Well, I thought he was joking. He was not. Everyone wore their ties to church except Jorja.
Stockton, Maysen, Mike, Jorja, Preston
We had dinner at our house with my family, Sam's family and a few of their friends and there families. There was a lot of people! I guess I should have asked how many people they were expecting so we would have been better prepared. It turned out fine though. Sam had asked us to provide the drinks and chips (and location). They brought pulled pork and lots of other food. Sam even had Preston's favorite caramels. I talked to Ange a lot about sleeping arrangements for when her kids are staying over while they go on a trip with my dad. Brett & Rachel will also be here at the same time. I'm really excited about that!
 Stockton & Gregory
After everyone went home we played Mike's new games. We didn't finish the Betrayal game because it took quite awhile, we will finish it later. It turned out I was the traitor. Now I'm a giant two headed snake monster and everyone else is trying to kill me. Whoops. We stopped that game to play the Werewolf game before bed. That game is fast. It was fun and we discovered both of the werewolfs. (Jorja and Preston) Preston had no idea he was a werewolf because I was the troublemaker and switched cards on him.

We have had a long, busy week and from the looks of things next week is going to be just as busy!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Derek's Block Party

Okay, it wasn't Derek's block party but he sang at it. I think it was the Family History Center's block party. I took a picture of a few of the fun things to make my kids jealous.
I found Derek while the band was warming up. While I was taking a picture of him and looking for a good seat in the front I got a call from Jordyn. She said, "Why don't you come sit with us in the shade?" There was a canopy in the back and Jordyn was there along with Kendra and her kids.
 First time I've seen Baby Elijah (Derek & Kendra's)
 Jordyn & Elijah
Jordyn held Elijah the entire concert. I played with Presley. I took her up front and got her dancing. She is hilarious. Soon Evelyn and her friends came up. They had a great time. When the kids got bored, Kendra's friend took the older kids to the bounce house. Presley and I found them there. Presley loved it! She stayed jumping after the other kids had left. Finally they had to ask her to leave because they were about to collapse the house. I got to hold Elijah while I helped Kendra to her car. It was fun and I know Kendra loved having Jordyn and I there to visit with her and give her a bit of a break. It was also so fun to watch Derek. I still have never seen Devin and his band play. That's something I still really want to do.

Jorja came back from girls camp right as I was about to leave. She had only gotten a few hours of sleep and was super tired. I think I could have convinced her to come with me under different circumstances. Jorja ended up going to the softball field and playing with a few of her friends. She kind of felt uncomfortable though. It ended up being her softball coaches family with Jorja, Skye, and Raina. She kind of felt like they were intruding. She still had fun though and she really enjoys her softball friends.
Jorja & Raina

Friday, June 16, 2017

Girl A, Boy A

Mike, they boys and I were supposed to go to Wyoming today. We had it all planned. Mike took the day off of work. He drove Jorja up early this morning to girls camp, so she was there. Maysen was staying home. Maysen and Jorja had instructions to not have any friends over or go out with any friends while we were gone, but they were allowed to go places together. Stockton and Preston had a dive competition in Wyoming. I was told that the registration closed on Friday. I sat down at 9:50 on my computer only to find that the registration had closed at 9:00 in the morning. I was stunned. I started texting Laurel (Preston's coach) to ask her what to do. She emailed the Wyoming guy to find out if we could register on deck. We waited to find out if we would be going to Wyoming after all.

While we waited, I pulled Stockton aside. I saw something at diving yesterday that really bothered me. I'll back up for a minute. Stockton dives with the JO kids. (Junior Olympic) Two of these divers are extremely good. One has graduated and she will be diving for BYU next year, we'll call her 'Girl A'. The other is a boy the same grade as Stockton, we'll call him 'Boy A'. When the BYU pool was opened these guys would start at 3:00 and dive until 5:00. The kids just below the JO divers would start at 3:45 and dive until 5:00. The lesson kids, which are beginning divers like Preston, would dive 5-6. Anyways, the staggered time was great. Now that the BYU pool is under construction, we dive at the U twice a week. Everyone dives at the same time. Preston has been complaining about diving at the U. He has told me that the big kids aren't nice to him and that they never let him be in the showers. I thought that was weird, and didn't really believe him.

Well. I should have. Preston was right. The kids were mean to him. First I noticed one of the girls jumping in front of the water whenever Preston tried to get in the shower. I wasn't sure if she was playing with him or not. It just struck me as odd. Toward the end of the lesson most of the kids were lined up on the 1-meter. Preston came out of the pool and the showers were off. The showers are never off in the middle of a lesson. Ever. (Only if they are broken and have never been turned on in the first place.) I saw Preston jump and try to reach the handle so he could turn the shower on. I immediately realized that the other kids turned off the shower so Preston couldn't take one. I realized this, but I couldn't process it. Why would they do that? I hurried over to him and he was so sad. I looked at the kids on the board, then back at Preston. Luckily Savannah came out of the pool and I was able to have her help me get the water back on. I wish I would have said something, I knew they were being mean, but I was still hoping I was wrong. Class ended shortly after this. I took Stockton straight to his bowling class. Mike picked him up while I was taking Jorja to her softball. Her games ended so late I didn't have a chance to talk to Stockton until this morning.

Anyways, I pulled Stockton aside this morning and said, "Please tell me what happened when the showers were off for Preston." Stockton was visibly upset while he was talking to me. Apparently some of the other divers are annoyed with Preston's existence. I know he can be obnoxious and annoying, but he doesn't goof off during diving and he doesn't take forever on the boards. I guess Girl A has been complaining about Preston saying things like, "I can't stand Preston, I just want to punch him in the face.' REALLY? Girl A is 18! Preston is 10! I get that people say 'I want to punch them in the face' all the time right now. But she is 8 years older than him. This is not okay! Anyways, Boy A told everyone it would be funny to turn off the water on Preston because he couldn't reach to turn them back on. Stockton said he was telling everyone his idea while Stockton was in the other shower. (There are two showers side by side.) Stockton thought, "Well, he can't turn off this one because I'm in it, so it will be okay." Boy A turned off the shower and Stockton followed him to the one meter shortly later. Someone must have turned off the shower after Stockton left. Stockton didn't realize it until it was too late. He said he saw Preston jumping then Preston looked at the line of kids with a look of betrayal on his face. I got to Preston before Stockton had a chance to react. Stockton was so upset. Preston was hurt and I was furious. Why are the leaders of the team picking on the little kids? Why? Why is this okay? I called and talked to Preston's coach. I also told her how Boy A and Girl A had been picking on Jackson. Jackson is Preston's age, but has been diving for awhile. He is really good. Lately he has gotten scared. Stockton told me that Girl A and Boy A ridicule him while he is on the board and that they have no patience for him. It is frustrating Jackson and he is having a hard time. Stockton heard him crying in the locker room last week. Preston and Jackson have the same coach, so I let her know what was going on. I was absolutely furious. I told her we wouldn't be going to Wyoming. (She had gotten it cleared so we could go.) I said I can not even look at Girl A and Boy A right now. I can't even handle the thought of them. She told me she understood and she would talk to Tyce about the problem. I hope he nips this in the bud because this is not okay. Diving should be my boys safe place, they don't need to be bullied there.

Anyways, because I pulled the boys out of Wyoming, Stockton could now go to Camp Heleman. They were meeting at 4:00. Mike and I hurried and got everything ready for him. Stockton usually has a hard time with change of plans, this was a big change and he handled it like a champ. Much better than his mom handled things today.

Mike, Maysen and Preston and I were alone tonight. Preston and I wanted to play a game, so we were looking for something Maysen would want to play. We knew Mike would play anything. Finally we found it! Preston knew Maysen couldn't resist Parcheesi! Maysen had hoped to play a quick game, but this lasted a long time. Preston was the victor with Maysen close behind. I decided whoever invented the game Sorry did it to play Parcheesi without the potential for gates. (Two pieces on the same space can make a gate so no one can pass it.) It was funny. Maysen's game was missing a piece, so Preston went and had a new piece 3d printed. He loves his dad's printer.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Today was an insanely busy day. I'm not going to talk about Jorja's summer school, Maysen's writing conference, Stockton and Preston's diving or Stockton's bowling class. The most exciting thing to happen today was Jorja had her first softball game with M.I.A. These girls were so nervous! They have only played rec ball before, and this league has bigger, stronger and faster girls. Jorja was really nervous because she had to do most of the pitching. The other two pitchers were out of town.
Jorja & Kierra
Jorja is the team captain and was able to do the coin toss for the first game. Fun! (Jorja's number 7)
The umpire saw Jorja pitching, but I guess she was doing something wrong. She had to change the way she put her feet before her pitches. I guess she had the heel of one foot and the toe of the other touching the mound. The umpire said she couldn't do it like that. It kind of messed her up, but hopefully she'll get used to it later.
Jorja pitched the entire first game. The first game they played the best team in the league. Way to ease into it! The other team was great and didn't try to run up the score like they could have. For example, they didn't take extra bases on overthrows and things like that. Only a few girls got on base from Jorja's team. The coach had Jorja last in the batting order. She didn't get a turn. The other coach asked his players to stay out after the game was over so Jorja could have a turn. I'm not sure if he was being nice, or if it is rule that every player gets to bat in this league. She ended up getting hit by the pitch. Oh well.

Jorja's team did better the next game. They were tied going into the last inning, but the other team ended up with the victory. Jorja's team held their own though. Jorja got two awesome double plays when she was pitching.
Jorja was so tired when the game was over. We had originally planned on taking her up to girls camp right after, but decided to wait until the morning. She started school at 7:30 and has been going straight until 9:00. She needs to rest! Although Jorja and Mike are planning on getting up at 5:00 to get there. What a busy summer!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Flag Day

Our family was assigned to put up flags for Flag Day. I really like how they are doing the flags this year. Instead of asking for volunteers before each day, they assigned the flags for the entire summer. We were assigned the 4th of July, but were able to trade for today. Only the boys were able to help because the girls had to leave to school/conference too early. The boys were assigned our street. Mike and Stockton put in the flags and Preston drove the golf cart. Preston was over the moon about that!
 Preston & Stockton
 Some of their work
After I dropped Maysen off at her conference, I hurried down to my dad's house so I could give him our crockpot. Mike accidentally broke my dad's crockpot at Lagoon. Our crockpot is very similar, so hopefully he will be okay with that. My dad was excited about books he got from the yard sale awhile ago. He said that John would have gone nuts! He sent me home with a lot of books to borrow. My dad also showed me this book he got from my grandma's house.
There were a couple of things about our ancestors in there, including my great-great-grandfather's death. This had more information than the newspaper article I found awhile ago. Turns out there was a bit of a history between my grandfather and John Bryner.
We aren't sure who made the note at the bottom of this page. Apparently my great-grandma Olive Branch Millburn was the one who really wanted the indoor toilet. Grandpa said his dad was strongly opposed to it. "No one is going to @#$% in my house!" Turns out Grandpa was the first to use the toilet and then became a huge fan. That is what my dad told me anyway.
I spent a little too long at my dad's house and had to hurry and get the boys ready to go to diving. We were late because I needed to stop by the store for sunscreen on the way. I thought we had some...whops. The boys got to dive on the platforms today. Well Stockton did. Preston just stayed on the 1 meter. He finished a little earlier than Stockton but didn't want to jump off the platforms. He said the water was too cold!
Stockton on 7, Preston's head by the edge of the pool
The end of Stockton's dive
Stockton on 7
 I wish I would have snapped this picture a half second later when he was completely straight!
 Preston's dive off 1
 Stockton on 5 ~ he says inwards are so freaky on platforms
Stockton's inwards
These platforms aren't very sturdy. If the wind blows at all the divers can feel the platforms moving. I love watching them on platforms. Platforms are not Stockton's favorite though. His hands start to hurt going into the water from that high. I think he liked them a lot more when he was diving with Josh, Gavin and Gage. They had fun on them!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Marshmallow Mustaches

Maysen and Jorja both left early to their writing conference and summer school. Jorja seemed to have fun again. They still played basketball. She enjoyed the 3 on 3 they played yesterday more than the full court game they played today. Stockton had his first bowling class and seemed to enjoy it. They just bowled three games. His instructor wasn't even there.

Jorja invited friends over. Only Isaac was able to come. He ran from his house, which he said took just under 15 minutes. They cooked some egg creation while they waited for Drew, although while they were cooking they found out Drew couldn't come. Ebony came over and they played volleyball in the back yard until she had to leave. Then Stockton hung out with them until it was time for Isaac to go to his softball game. I found this cool marshmallow and had fun trying to make mustaches with it. This is what I was doing while Stockton and Isaac were playing pingpong.
Isaac is pretty good at pingpong. Stockton and Isaac had both won one game. Stockton ended up winning the 3rd. I played Isaac after Stockton. We only played to 11 because Isaac needed to go. I lost 11-3. At least I was on the board.
I guess I should have gotten a picture of Isaac for this post, but I did not. It's like I'm always super focused on my own kids. Welp, they will just have to deal with it. Jorja did not have young womens tonight because of girls camp later this week. She walked with Isaac to his softball game that was being played on the church softball field by our house. She didn't stay long. Stockton played ultimate frisbee for young mens. Now that's a wrap of Tuesday.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer School Begins

Wow! If this is what summer is going to be like, we are in for a crazy ride! Mike dropped Jorja off at Mount Jordan Middle School where Jorja is taking two classes. She has computers for several hours, a 45 minute break, then PE for several hours. She was really worried about PE. She has never had it. She never had to have it in middle school because she was in the Chinese program. They let the Chinese kids opt out so they could have an elective, like orchestra. Jorja did not want to take PE in high school if she could get away with it, so she is doing it this summer.

Maysen has a weeklong writing conference at Waterford. It is called WIFYR which stands for Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. She went to this conference several years ago and loved it. She had a great time today, so hopefully she will have a wonderful week.

Stockton had diving today ~ Back 1 1/2 off 3
I took Stockton straight from diving to his summer school at Salt Lake Community College. He has a film/diversity class from 2:00-9:30 at night. 7 1/2 hours. Wow. I'm a little worried about this class, not knowing what movies he is going to be required to watch. Also, with this being a diversity class . . . you never know. Stockton seemed to enjoy the class tonight and said the films he saw today were pretty tame. Well, the first one was. I think it was called Temple Grandin. The second movie was a police brutality documentary. The language and violence in that one were pretty high. It's what you would expect with the subject matter though. Stockton now has to do two write-ups on the films he watched.
Stockton walking to his first class on the SLCC campus
I picked up Jorja from her summer school and was thrilled to find out she had the best time. She absolutely loved pe, even though her teacher is the scariest person she has ever met. She played basketball and had a great time. She said she wishes I would have put her in a lot of different sports when she was younger so she would know how to play. I tried to get the kids in sports. No one cared about it but me. Jorja did say later that she probably wouldn't have liked it if I put her in when she was really shy. I'm glad she is enjoying it now.
Jorja on the way home from summer school
I picked up Maysen from her conference and then took Jorja to her softball practice. I stayed for awhile to hear information about the new league they are joining. Once Jorja was home and Mike got Stockton home from his film class, we headed over to Lisa and Nathan's house. They are moving tomorrow to California. Boo! I got a few pictures, but didn't get one of Nathan, even though it was his birthday!
Lisa & Mike
 Stephanie & Taylor
It was sad leaving their house. We are going to miss living so close to family. Yes, we have other family near by. It's still sad. I hope they love California.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


We left this morning to head home. This was the first time we didn't camp in a pull through spot, only because they weren't available. Mike was worried about getting out and we felt very lucky to have 1:00 church. We were hoping we could just pull forward, because no one was there for a long time. Then last night someone arrived. Anyways, right as we were getting ready to leave, they left first! We couldn't believe it. So much nicer to pull forward than to try to back out of a super crowded area.

We got home in time for everyone to take showers. I only had Natalie in my class today. She is so much fun. She loves the one on one time. Last year her teacher was the twins mom. They travel a lot, especially in the summer. When that would happen, Natalie would just get stuck with another class. I think Natalie likes having me there instead, even if she is the only one.

Mike heard back from the people whose car he hit on Friday. They were super nice and said not to worry about it. Mike was so relieved. He went and cancelled the insurance claim. What a blessing.
Other car
 Our motorhome

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lagoon in June

One of the reasons we stayed over in the Lagoon campground was so we could be first ones when Lagoon opened. I knew they opened at 11:00. It has always been that way every family reunion. Mike finally convinced me to look up the park times. I was shocked when I discovered that Lagoon opened at 10:00 today. This is the first time our family reunion has been on a Saturday. It didn't occur to me the time the park opened would be different. I discovered this at 9:50. We hurried as fast as we could, but we weren't the first ones in the park. My dad and Max left to buy tickets. I followed shortly after with Maysen, Stockton and Preston. We headed to Cannibal, because we figured that would have the longest line later in the day. My dad did not want to ride it. He said he would be sick the rest of the day if he did. I do remember that happening to me when I rode Maysen's horrible favorite ride, Air Race. There ended up being five of us riding Cannibal. Maysen decided to go on the single rider line and wait with grandpa. The single rider line was a ton shorter. We ended up getting on the ride faster than Maysen. That was weird. I wonder if that is always the case or if the workers just weren't letting single riders on. Mike and Jorja found my dad waiting for us. This is how Mike found him.
Maysen got on the ride right as we were getting off, so we didn't need to wait for her long. Stockton, Preston, Max and I rode together. We were in the front seat. Max didn't like it. He said he never wants to be in the front seat again. I had my arms raised the entire time. It was awesome. After Cannibal, we went to the flying jeep kid ride. Jorja was planning on sitting in the front with Stockton. The lady wouldn't let her, but she didn't say anything to me about sitting in the front. I got in the front of Mike's car. The lady didn't like it and said I had to get out. Mike ended up getting out, and then he rode the ride the next time with Preston. At least she let him ride it right away but it was kind of annoying.
 Preston & Mike
We found our pavilion which I felt was in a great location. Much better than the last two years. Rozie and her family was there. Jackie came shortly after. I hung out at the pavilion and talked to my family while Mike took the kids on Rattlesnake Rapids. I talked with lots of different people. Heather and her family was there. Jackson and Chelsea. Jake and Jana. I had Jana talk to Sam about dairy allergies. Afton is allergic to dairy, although not as bad as Anne. Tammi and Frank came. It was really fun. I was worried that there wouldn't be very many family members this time, but there were still plenty to fill the pavilion. Mike brought games and the kids played there for awhile.
Mike, Maysen, Stockton & Jorja playing Tiki Topple
Preston had fun hanging out with Max. I let them roam the park together. I kept thinking we would run around with the cousins when we were that age...although there were a ton of us, not just two. They had a great time so it all worked out. Later they came back so they could go in Lagoon-a-beach. My kids ended up going back to the motorhome. I thought they would come back, but they didn't. Except Maysen. I was really glad she did. I hung out with Matt and Sam for a long time. We went to the jeep and not only did they let me be in the front of the jeep, they had me in the front with Anne. My legs were all scrunched up, it was hilarious. We were the last ones to get in, so there was only one jeep left. I told the lady I didn't think we could fit. She said we would be fine. I fit a ton better when I was by myself in the front. Where were you this morning?
Anne, Matt, Stephanie
 Anne & Stephanie, Jeff & Matt ~ Jeff did NOT like the jeeps
 See the guy behind Matt, that is what my legs looked like
 Anne LOVED the teacups. Jeff did not.
I rode the purple teacup (Anne's request) with Sam, Anne and Jeff
Anne then spent a LONG time on the ladybug and dinosaur rides. She rode them with her mom, her dad, and several times with me. Maysen came and met us there, then she rode them with Maysen. Sam took Jeff to the boats during this. The boat ride was more his speed. She said he loved it and rode it over and over. One time he was in the very front and was the only one riding. They started letting him just stay in instead of waking around to get in the ride when he was the only one riding it.
Anne & Sam
 Anne & Matt
 Anne on a spaceship
 Maysen & Anne ~ It was getting dark so my pictures are not very good.
Maysen and I brought Anne to Sam and then headed down to the Spider. We had wanted to ride the Spider earlier, but the line was SO long. Over an hour at least. The line wasn't too bad this late. Maysen asked if there was any ride I wanted to ride. I told her I would love to ride the Rocket with her. She doesn't like that ride, but she agreed to ride it with me anyway. We stopped at the bumper cars and watched for awhile. Anne was there. I don't have many pictures, but it was absolutely hilarious. The worker was falling asleep.
He didn't make sure the kids were buckled and he wouldn't say the traditional 'keep your arms and hands in etc. etc.' One of the mom's watching yelled, "The kid in the blue needs help with his seatbelt." He walked out to a kid in a purple car and buckled him then started the ride. Several kids had their seatbelts dragging. I wish I had a picture of that! Anyways, these two kids pinned the kid in the green car, then they got out while the ride was going and put his seatbelt on him! I couldn't believe it! Luckily no one got hurt. Maysen and I were laughing so hard. We watched about three rounds. In every one there were multiple kids not wearing seatbelts. I guess they don't protect them much on this ride, but it can't be great if they are dragging behind the cars.
Maysen and I then went on Blast-Off at the Rocket. I love that ride. Maysen hated it, but I'm glad she went on it with me. Our last stop was to the pavilion. Matt and Sam met us there. We were obviously the last people, so we cleaned up. I texted Mike and asked him to come help us. He did. Although the first thing he did was to empty my dad's crockpot that had the hotdogs in them. He was pouring the water into the bushes and dropped the crockpot. The crockpot shattered. Mike said, "Well, this is how my weekend is going." It took forever to get things ready to go. Mike and Maysen walked to the campground. The park was closed. A police officer stopped them and asked them where they were going. (There is a special entrance to the campground by some of the rides that is far from the exit.) I helped Matt and Sam out. Sam had a stroller, I pushed the other stroller and held one end of the heavy cooler. Matt had the other end. We were absolutely the last people out of the park. They had started closing all the exits. They closed the stroller exits, so we had to get the strollers through the turney thing. Matt had parked far away and couldn't figure out how to get to his car. Finally he followed some workers right as they were closing the gate and squeezed in. He then had to drive around until he could figure out how to make his way back to us. All the exits were closed out of the parking lot. Finally we saw that we could exit through one of the entrances. Matt and Sam dropped me off at the motorhome. Everyone was in bed and most were asleep when I got back. I was so tired. It was a really fun day.