Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cabin, Temple and Gingerbread

Mike sent me these pictures from the cabin today. I can not believe that there is water. It is not frozen. I don't think I have ever seen the water in December before. Usually they are riding snowmobiles on the lake this time of year. Truly bizarre. Beautiful though.
 I hope there is a lot more snow by Christmas!
Jorja ended up feeling sick for most of the day. I hope Hailey wasn't bored. I think they mostly watched movies. Not nearly as fun as the last time they came up here.

I went to the dive meet this morning. I couldn't stay as long as they wanted me to because Rachel was on her way down, but I found people to fill my spots.

Rachel and I took the girls down to Temple Square tonight. It was cold, but I think the girls had a good time. Especially at the Food Court play place. That was such a blessing! Warm and a place for the girls to run around! They needed it after the long drive and walking through crowds and crowds.
 Blurry Mina and Marie
 Spiderman Mina and Eve at the Disney Store
We got home pretty late and put the girls to bed. Rachel and I stayed up until 2:00 in the morning getting the houses put together. I had fun talking with Rachel which made the time go super fast! Twenty-two houses done and ready for tomorrow!

Friday, December 8, 2017

By Myself

Mike took the kids to the cabin today. He also took Hailey. He wanted to let Jorja drive some of the way. She ended up driving for an hour and a half. She started feeling sick, which isn't the greatest thing to happen this weekend. Especially sad because Hailey came up with her. I hope they all have a fun time. Mike said there isn't much snow. They even drove up to the cabin. That is crazy! I don't know if we have ever been able to drive up to the cabin in December.

I stayed home because of three reasons. One, there is a two day dive meet at the U that I am supposed to help at. Stockton did not want to do it this time and I did not want to force him. Still, I had signed up and I didn't want to back out. Two, Rachel and the girls are going to come down some time this weekend and I want to be here if they are in town. Three, we are having the Millburn family gingerbread party on Sunday and I need to get ready.

I went to the dive meet and helped hand out the awards. I also helped at the table for the platform event. I decided I wanted soup for dinner and stopped by Zupas by Mike's old work on the way home. It was gone! Oh well. I ended up driving to Walmart and getting the bases I needed for the gingerbread houses, so at least that got done. I was seriously considering procrastinating on that! At least I won't have to leave the house super early tomorrow morning.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Monkey Face

My goal was to make 12 gingerbread houses today. I got behind schedule, so I stayed home from diving. Stockton drove Preston and Gavin. The Relief Society presidency visited me because this month is my birthday month. I was just finishing my last gingerbread house when they arrived. The plus was my house smelled absolutely amazing. Stockton brought home Gavin from diving today. He hung out with the kids for a long time. Ping pong was played, and I found weird pictures on my phone.
Jorja & Gavin
 Stockton, Monkey Preston, Gavin, Jorja
I have no idea what was going on in any of those pictures. I fell asleep early. For some reason I thought it was the weekend. Well, hopefully no one is tired tomorrow. The kids had a great time with Gavin. Stockton and Jorja dropped him off pretty late. Whoops. It was super cute watching those three together. Until I got too tired and went to sleep. I am old.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I checked Stockton out of school to go to SLCC and take a CLEP test. He was just taking a math test in order to get more credits. The last things he needs to do in order to earn his associates when he graduates are: take this test, which he aced, finish humanities, which he is in right now, take math 1050 and English 2010. He will take math 1050 with Chad next semester, and English 2010 he will need to go to SLCC to take that one. He is registered for it though. It is so nice to see the light at the end of this very long tunnel. Stockton is amazing!

We got to the test a bit early, so we stopped for lunch at A&W. I bought a teeny tiny mug. It makes me smile.
Grandma Honey died 12 years ago today. Mike brought home KFC. We sat on the floor in our front room. We moved the tables and just ate on the rug. That is what Grandma Honey did for Mike's baptism years and years ago. We ate chicken and talked about her. It was really nice. Jorja was two the last time she saw her, Preston wasn't even born. I sure wish these kids had grandmas!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ball Holder

I started the day at Gavin's house and worked out with his mom. Gavin's mom's name is Shannon, but I never think of her as that, I always think of her as Gavin's mom. I went straight from exercising to Javita's house for visiting teaching. Jacqui and I were there for quite awhile. Javita was showing us everything they had done to their house, which is quite a lot. It was fun. I thought Stockton would like the ball storage on their ping pong table.
Stockton and Jorja went to Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights with the youth. I gave Stockton money for hot chocolate and to use in the service vending machines. He said the line was so long for the vending machines that he just handed the money to someone in line. That works too!

Monday, December 4, 2017


Nothing too exciting today. I cleaned up from the gingerbread party yesterday, did laundry, took Jorja to therapy, went to diving with Stockton, Preston and Gavin. That's about it.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Smith Family Gingerbread

We had tithing settlement this morning, church, then Mike and I hurried to get everything ready for the gingerbread party. Jorja was making us all laugh before everyone arrived. I love to see her happy.
 It's weird how there is no snow outside
My camera was taking pictures orange. It took me awhile to figure out how to change it, so the first part of the party all the pictures will be orange. We also set up tables in the piano room so the First Presidency Christmas Devotional could be going while we decorated.
 Connor's friend, Connor, Matt
 Miah & Jorja
 This one isn't orange because it was my cell phone . . . Matt, Miah, Jorja
 I finally figured out how to fix the camera, testing it with Jorja's smile.
 Connor's friend, Connor
 Preston . . . with a knife . . . and an evil grin
 Derek & Leo (and Jacob)
 Mike made a manger scene, although Jesus looks like he is about to be sacrificed on an alter
 Taylor got here late, but was able to knock his house out lickety split
 Connor's mission buddy
 Connor wearing Preston's 'future missionary' tag
 Connor's friend, Matt
Connor, Xander, Miah, Sherry
 Taylor's family is now in California, so the Hardy's adopted him today.
Taylor, Connor, Xander, Connor's friend, Matt, Miah, Sherry
 Nova & Taylor
 Nova & Melissa
 Leo, Nova, Melissa
 Taylor & Jorja
Another gingerbread party is in the books. I love how my family loves this tradition. They aren't shy about telling me that either, which makes me very happy. I want to have Jorja help me put together a gingerbread book of all our creations over the years. That would be fun to have, and to keep adding to.

Okay, quick change of topic. Jorja had a best friend named Katlyn. They were best friends for about two years and were always together. Around March Katlyn told Jorja she needed a break. Jorja took that to mean Katlyn didn't want to be friends with her anymore. And they weren't. It was so weird. It has been really hard on Jorja. They haven't really spoken since March. Anyway, today, out of the blue, Katlyn texted Jorja. She flat out apologized for everything. She told Jorja that what she did to her was the worse thing she ever has done and that she really wanted to be friends again. Katlyn didn't try to justify what she did, she just owned it and said she was sorry. She didn't try to make Jorja feel like anything was her fault, she took all the responsibility. When Jorja showed me Katlyn's text I thought to myself, "Now that is an apology!" Jorja was so happy! She talked to Katlyn for a long time on FaceTime while she was getting ready for bed. I hope these girls can be friends again. They had so much fun together. Jorja has missed having a strong girl connection. Hailey has always been there for her, but when these three were together it was great. Poor Hailey was caught in the middle, but she navigated it like a champ. I am hopeful about this. I hope Katlyn and Jorja can get their connection back, Jorja really needs something like this right now.