Thursday, February 15, 2018

Second Interview

I took Stockton to the temple early this morning. We had family names, so I was able to be baptized too. We finished without incident. Yay! I got back just in time to take Jorja and Olivia to school. Stockton took a quick nap while I did that. He was up late working on things for his interview today. I woke him up and we drove down to the SLCC bookstore in Taylorsville. We were looking for an Engineering notebook. Stockton lost his and he was having notebook checks today. We looked everywhere for that thing. He thinks he might have left it on the computer when he was in class. Stockton thanked me for driving him everywhere. I told him that his is the reason I love not working. I love being for them when they need me. We are all so lucky Mike has been successful in his career. I got Stockton back a few minutes late to advisory again. It turned out not to matter because the 4.0 banquet was happening. Stockton sat with a bunch of the other sterling scholar candidates. Stockton and Nate were wearing suits, the girls were in dresses. The spent time bonding over their nerves. Jorja didn't go to the 4.0 breakfast. She didn't have a great experience at the last one, so she had no desire to do that again. Jorja looked so pretty today. She curled her hair and it looked great. She had her ballroom Foxtrot test today. One of her friends must have snapped pictures because I found this on her phone.
Jorja and her partner
Stockton came home and worked until it was time to leave for his interview. He has been making an app to study his academic decathlon stuff. He wanted to show it at the interview. When he moved it to the laptop he was planning on bringing all of the font disappeared. AHHHH! Finally he just took a video of him playing it on his computer and called it good. He was also brushing his teeth why he was doing this. Somehow he got toothpaste all over his suit! AHHHHH again! I tried to get it off. It disappeared, but I told Stockton I wasn't convinced it worked. I asked him to check once he got there to make sure it was gone for good. When Stockton walked in Heffner, his sterling scholar advisor, stared at him and said, "What happened!" Well, turns out Heffner was prepared for anything. She had these eye glass rags, or something like that, and was able to get the toothpaste off. She also didn't like this tag he had on his suit coat. Not a price tag, just a normal tag of the designer. Heffner was getting the toothpaste off of him while someone else was using a sewing kit to get the tag off. Stockton thought that was pretty funny and it put him at ease. Stockton was a bit nervous, because he had no idea what math question would be asked and he hasn't had calculus for a few years. Mrs. Waters talked to him for awhile yesterday. She told him that at this point the judges don't expect you to get the answer right, they are more interested in your thought process. Anyway, Stockton did great on the interview. They only asked him one question and he got it right. Everything went much better than expected. Yay! Yay! Yay! No matter what happens at least he will be able to look back on this experience with no regrets.

I took Preston to diving today. Stockton had his interview while we were at the pool. I was so nervous for him! Once we got home we decided to try and get the organ. I called Matt and he agreed to help. Thank goodness! Hopefully we can fix it. It sure does bring back a lot of memories. Stockton then stayed up until midnight tonight working on the Utah State honors application. He got that turned in a few minutes before it was due. Oh man! That kid sure works hard!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Happy Valentine's Day!!! Preston was so excited to go to school with his piranha plant. What a great box to have for a last Valentine's box. I am excited this is our last Valentine's box ever! There are some things I miss about my babies. Potty training and crafts will never be one of them.
Mike came home for lunch today and we cooked pineapple chicken kabobs that were so good! It is always great to see him during the day! He gave me a Valentine's card. It was actually my birthday card that he forgot to bring up to the cabin. He crossed off 'Happy birthday' and wrote 'Happy Valentine's Day!' That made me laugh. He did that with the kids card too. Jorja signed her name as 'Daughter #2'

Sister Hutchinson was released as a missionary today. She came over to visit after Jorja's play practice. Jorja doesn't get home until 9:00, so it was getting late. I'm glad she made time to stop and see us! It was fun meeting her parents too! Jorja had so much fun with her. Mike asked Hutch what she thought of Jorja's Christmas present. Hutch started laughing. Jorja made her a book of different text conversations she has had. It was so funny when it was put together. Hutch always gives her a hard time about boys. She was teasing Jorja right when Isaac called. Of course Hutch had to answer and give him a bit of a hard time. She also got these weird snap messages while Hutch was here. Oh man! Perfect timing.
Jorja and Hutch
 Jorja showing Hutch her scrapbook page.
 Hutch a.k.a McKaila and Jorja
I'm pretty sure Jorja could hang out with her forever. What a blessing Hutch is in her life. Hutch grew up in Georgia but her family moved to California while she was on her mission. She is going to school at BYU-Idaho in April, I think. Maybe we'll get to see her again?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mop Bucket

Preston had a field trip to the symphony. He looked so handsome in his suit! He said he had a good time except the bus ride. He was on a seat with two other people and they were so loud and liked to push. Preston did not like that at all. On the way home they were told they had to sit in the same seats. That made Preston frustrated.

I spent some of the day looking through old pictures. I wish I had an easier way to get to them. They are fun to see though. I took a picture of a few on my computer and sent them to Jorja. I think this is the last time Grandma Honey ever held Jorja.
Jorja, Grandma Honey and Hunter
 My girls! Jorja and Maysen. LOVE!
 Random picture from Jorja's phone. Katlyn & Jorja. I'm glad they are becoming friends again.
 Scoop and Cori sent us a yummy Valentine package.
 The kids LOVED these!
Mike and I cleaned the temple late tonight. I told myself I would volunteer for the first assignment. It was bathrooms. It wasn't bad. We cleaned the downstairs bathrooms. Although when Mike was bringing the mop bucket to the boys locker room he knocked it over. On carpet. The entire bucket of water was everywhere. I laughed and laughed. We are such good helpers!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Moving On

Stockton has been working hard for his application for the Eccles Scholarship. Only 30 people receive this scholarship so his chances aren't high. The application was due at 3:00 today. I drove Stockton to his class at SLCC. He worked on his math while I drove. He spent all his time on his scholarship application that he wasn't able to get his math finished, and he had a lot of math. I dropped Stockton off and went to the store to get an envelope for his application. I read in the car while I waited for him to finish. We then drove to the University of Utah. We parked right outside the place where the application was due while Stockton finished up some things. We were there for about fifteen minutes. So many people went into that building with scholarship looking envelopes! Yikes! At least he got it done. I drove him straight to Alta. He was a little late to advisory, but oh well.

Stockton stayed after school with the other sterling scholars. He found out that he moved on to the next level! He was pretty excited. He has his next interview on Thursday. I also informed him that he should apply to the honors program at Utah State. That application is also due Thursday. Man, I'm so glad he doesn't have any AP classes this year. College applications, sterling scholar, and academic decathlon have kept him super busy!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sacrament Tray

Today my family was in church, just like we have been for a million Sundays. We were sitting behind the Valentines and in front of the Spencers. Stockton was by the wall, then Preston, Mike, me and then Jorja. We always sit in the front left side of the chapel if you were looking at the podium. Just like where we always sat in Georgia. Anyway, Ben Johnson gave us the sacrament bread. I tried to barely touch anything. I have had a nasty cold and still have a horrible cough. My cow cough that my brothers always teased me about is back and I hate it. The water tray was then passed down the isle. The problem came on the way back. Mike was holding the tray. I was waiting for Jorja to take it, like she did the bread. I didn't want to touch the handle because I was paranoid about leaving germs. Jorja didn't notice the tray, I guess. I started to put my hand under the tray and pass it that way, but I wasn't able to get it stable enough. I decided I would have to grab it by the handle anyway. This all happened in seconds. I went to grab the handle right as Mike LET GO of the tray! He thought I was holding the bottom! The entire water tray dumped ALL OVER JORJA! Oh my gosh! It was so funny! I could not stop laughing. Jorja was so wet. I was trying to be quiet, but I was crying from trying not to laugh. I was not reverent. I tried so hard though! It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I thought it was infinitely more funny than Jorja. I'm laughing as I type this. Jorja kept saying, "Mom! It's not funny! It looks like I dropped the tray!" That would only make me laugh harder and I choked out, "I know!"

Mike, Preston and I played another game of Pandemic and lost. AHHHHH! Our one goal was to not lose three games in a row, and we did! Boo! Mike and I went to my Grandma's old house to look at the organ. It definitely has seen better days. I wonder if we will be able to fix it? We measured the organ and took the bench home with us. It looks like we will be able to fit it in the van, so that is great. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Macbeth, Jumanji, Skating

Jorja had a busy day today. I ended up being her Uber driver. First, Jorja was at Macbeth from 9-2. Hailey came over for a bit, which Jorja loved! Hailey has been in California this week and Jorja has been going through withdrawals. I then took the girls and Isaac to the movie theater so they could see Jumanji. I picked them up from In-and-Out and took them to Cottonwood to go iceskating. Then picked them up after. It was a lot of driving. I hope Jorja appreciates it.
Hailey, Jorja, Isaac
 Hailey and Jorja
 Hailey, Jorja, Isaac
Mike spent today working with Preston on making a Valentine's box. Preston loves it! It isn't finished yet, but this is what it looks like so far. I think they have plans to add teeth to the piranha plant.
Jorja with Preston's box
Mike, Preston and I played Preston's pandemic game. We lost. We have gotten so close, but it is super hard to win! We are going to try again tomorrow.

Friday, February 9, 2018


I was sick again today. Jorja wasn't 100%, but okay enough to go to school. I did make it to book club with Preston. I was the first parent there. The kids were excited and wanted to go to the teachers lounge. Never again! There was a book club group from Mrs. Mickelsen's class there. We ended up getting a table by the vending machine. The kids were fixated on the sodas the entire time. Oh well, I survived.

Jorja wanted to go to the Alta/Corner Canyon game tonight. She texted Kenzie to see if she could get a ride. I am thankful that Kenzie is so nice to Jorja. How cool to be a freshman and be able to hang out with the student body president as often as she has. Jorja has loved serving in student government. As an added bonus, Alta won tonight! Last time they played Corner Canyon they lost by 30 or something.
Jorja and Kenzie
Evan's mom dropped Jorja off. She was a little disappointed because she wasn't allowed to hang out with the boys after the game. It was also Evan's birthday. That's okay, because we got her! She came just in time to see the lighting of the cauldron for the opening ceremony in the Olympics. At least she was happy with us and it was nice to have her home.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sick Buddies

That was Jorja and me. It was not fun. I did manage to take Preston to his middle school orientation. He went there on a field trip yesterday. Preston's new school is being remodeled, so right now the school is being held where Crescent Middle School was. That is where I went to 8th and 9th grade. My dad taught seminary there for 15 or so years. I think the last time I was in this school was almost 22 years ago. I came there with my brother Mike to find Matt and John. We wanted to take them home because our mom had died that morning. As I sat listening to Preston's orientation, that day was all I could think about. It's weird how you are going along with your life just fine and then when you don't expect it the overwhelming ache and loss comes barreling toward you. I only cried a little bit. I whispered why I was sad to Jaime Staker. Her dad died a few years ago, so she understood. I miss my mom.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fav Mom

Jorja was not feeling well this morning.  I have been giving Olivia and her friend Sophie rides to school. I felt it was too late to cancel, so I took them to school without Jorja. I stopped at the store to pick up an envelope for Stockton. He needs a sealed letter of recommendation from a teacher for a scholarship he is applying for. When I came back from the store, Jorja was ready to go. I guess there is an assembly today that she wanted to see. The Shakespeare team was performing in it and she really wanted to watch. She's thinking about trying out next year and was hoping to get an idea what it would be like. Hawkapella was also performing. She has friends in that group as well. Th4e Shakespeare team went first and Jorja only saw the last line of their performance. Drat.

I asked my dad if he would take me to Costco. Our membership expired awhile ago. I wanted to get some Carnation Instant Breakfast. Preston has one every day. Turns out they were on sell, so I stocked up. Almost a year supply. I also splurged and got some pomegranates for Jorja. I texted her a picture and she replied, "YAYAYAYAY You're my fav mom out of all my moms". Too bad the pomegranates were rotten. BOO!!!!! I know Costco would take them back, but by the time we realized how bad they were my dad was one day away from leaving to Israel, and I didn't want to bother him over something little.
 Preston's supply
 Apparently Jorja spends time at rehearsal upside down.
I drove up to Logan today to see Maysen! I brought her a few things she wanted and took her shopping. We were looking for exercise clothes. We had half success. The mall by her apartment is pretty small. We went to eat at IHOP before I left. It was great to be able to spend the evening with her. As an added bonus, I got to meet her roommate Dickyi for the first time! She seems really nice.
 Maysen and Stephanie
I was exhausted by the time I finally made it home. It was worth it though!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I texted Jorja while she was at her play practice to let her know I had a surprise for her. She wanted a hint, so I sent this picture.
I ordered this blanket for Jorja back in August. I was hoping to give it to her on her birthday, then I was hoping for Christmas. Well, none of those happened, but it is finally here and Jorja loves it! I kind of wish her name wasn't in all caps, because I like the look of it better written as 'Jorja'. All caps is better than cursive though. Her names looks like 'Joya' in cursive. That's okay, because Jorja is our 'little bundle of joy'. (That's what Mike's roommates used to call me. Mike had 'Joy' engraved on the bowling ball he gave me for a wedding present.)

Monday, February 5, 2018


Mike, Jorja and I went to opening night of Hunchback of Notre Dame at the new Hale Center Theater. It was opening night, so that was pretty cool. The set was absolutely amazing. I LOVED the bells. I wish I had taken a picture. Actually I didn't get any pictures today. Quasimodo did the best. Jorja spent most of the play with her head on Mike's shoulder. It was cute. She liked it, but she was a little sad today. I'm not sure what happened at school, but she is struggling. I know she feels like she has no friends and no one likes her. That is absolutely crazy. Still, it's how she feels. She just doesn't know how amazing she is.

I sent Stockton and Gavin to diving without Preston. He has a nasty cough. I didn't like the thought of him being in cold water. After they left he asked if I would tuck him in bed. He stayed there for over an hour. I'm thinking it was a good call to have him skip. I hope the cough goes away soon. Those things can hang on forever! Preston was in bed asleep by the time we got home from the play. Stockton stayed up late. Past midnight. Good thing he doesn't have SLCC tomorrow!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday

Stockton and Jorja didn't appreciate me trying to take a picture of them before church. I have not been able to get a good picture of Stockton since he cut his hair!
 Jorja is in the process of saying, "Stoooooooop". Ha, that looks like stoop when I put too many os.
Stockton came to my gospel essentials class for the first time. I asked him to explain what he knew about the pre-existence. Oh. My. Gosh. He had the entire class laughing. That kid is a story teller. Brother Henderson asked if he was in drama. My favorite was when he was talking about Heavenly Father and Jesus talking about their plan when Lucifer yells from the middle of the crowd, "You suck!" Unlike my children, I am a horrible writer and can't explain this very well, but it was so funny. Also a Goldbergs reference. Anyway, the lesson went well. I was thrilled because I got Ian to come to my class. He always skips out after sacrament meeting. I was begging him to come to my class. He was walking with me on the way out. Little did he know that it was also the way to my classroom. I then started the class by saying, "Today's lesson is on Freedom to Choose." Ian started laughing and called me a hypocrite. It was funny. Stockton also went to Elders Quorum with Mike today. I think he liked it. I know Mike did. I can't believe he is eighteen!

My family came over for the Super Bowl today. My dad brought chili and I made cornbread. Luckily Sam texted me last night to ask if it was dairy free. I almost forgot about that! I just needed to use almond milk to make it work for Anne. It was yummy. I hope she liked it. Gayle came over too. Jorja was playing the piano, which led us to talk about Grandma's organ. Gayle wanted to give it away awhile ago. She still has it and said we can have it. I have no idea where to put it, but Jorja is thrilled with the idea.

This year's Super Bowl was awesome! It was a great game from start to finish. I didn't really have a preference, so I cheered for both teams. I did cheer extra hard for Van Noy. Mike and Stockton came in to watch the last two minutes. Mike says that is enough football for him. Luckily I have my brothers, dad, and Gayle who watched it with me.

Before Matt and Sam left I tried to get a picture of Greg. He reminds me so much of John's Brandon. I couldn't get a great picture, but he looks and moves just like him.
 Greg did not like me taking his binky out to get this picture.
Gayle started feeling really dizzy as she was leaving. My dad drove her home. I followed him so I could bring my dad back. Gayle gave me the key to the storage unit where the organ is. Hopefully it isn't too hard to get it here. Even more hopefully, I hope Gayle is okay and starts feeling better.

Saturday, February 3, 2018


I took Jorja to see Kelsee this morning. Kelsee helped Jorja practice how to do her hair for Macbeth. She was given instructions on how they wanted her hair.
Kelsee and Jorja
Jorja had practice for a couple hours at Hillcrest High School. I guess they did this boot camp thing where they exercised for an hour and a half and then practiced their fighting. She said it was tiring and fun.

I put 'get a haircut' on both of the boys chore list. I didn't get a before/after picture. Luckily Stockton had a few selfies. I have taken Stockton to Fantastic Sam's the last few times. He has described what he wants and I have stayed completely out of it. Mike took Stockton to Great Clips. They had the information on how his hair was cut the last time he was in. That is how they cut it. Stockton was not happy. I thought he looked adorable and lots younger!
Stockton ~ before
The above picture isn't a great after picture, but when I tried to take an after picture this happened:
I was surprised when I saw Stockton the first time. He looked SO different! He had super short hair and his big sideburns. I laughed because I thought he looked like a young Abraham Lincoln. Stockton did not appreciate my support.

Mike, Stockton, Preston and I played Nocturne. It is the new Dominion expansion. Preston sold his JCPenney gift cards at a 50% price to Mike in order to by the game. We played with only Nocturne cards. It was great! Plus, I won Stockton by one point. Mike mentioned how much he loves this room. Stockton made us laugh by pointing out that this room looks like it was designed in Webkinz. You got your ping pong table, treadmill, couch, big TV with Chef Gazpacho, game table with weird lights above it, pirate map, pirate ships, beanbags..... Oh boy, we were laughing and laughing. Later Mike mentioned that he was going to get the peacock to use as a fireplace grate. Stockton said, "Yep, go and get it from the W Shop." Hahahaha, I keep laughing at it. I think now I'll call this the Webkinz room.
 The beanbags were Preston's addition
Stockton came into our room late at night and asked if he could show us something. We were both shocked when we found out he had shaved his sideburns! His face is so smooth! I love it. I think he looks fantastic.

Friday, February 2, 2018


I found this post today. I laughed and laughed. Jorja used to NEVER talk outside of our house. She was my loudest child once we were home, but away from home she was silent. Times have sure changed!
Mike bought a tv today to replace our one downstairs that broke a long time ago. We went out to eat at Outback before we picked it up. We had a gift certificate that we hadn't used. Lunch was so yummy and a great way to celebrate Groundhog Day! The tv looks great. I guess I should have taken a picture of that!

Stockton and Jorja went to see Jumanji with Gavin, Gavin's girlfriend and his family. Jorja had open gym, but I let her skip it. She won't be able to hang out with Stockton much longer. If Stockton wasn't going I would have convinced Jorja to go to softball. I hope she doesn't regret skipping today. Stockton and Jorja have worked so hard the past few weeks. It's nice for them to have a chance ton relax.

Mike, Preston and I played two games of Pandemic Legacy Season 2. We lost both games. Ahhhh! Now we have lost three in a row! If we lose the next game we have to open up a box. We will probably be severely penalized for that when we finally finish. Hopefully it won't come to that. Preston was so tired after the second game that he wanted to go straight to bed. That doesn't happen very often.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

By the Skin of his Teeth

Stockton finished! The BYU application was due at 11:59. He sent his in at 11:17 and finished the scholarship portion at 11:58. I think he had to write six essays today. Luckily today was his super late start day and he didn't have to go to diving. Also, both of his teachers got their recommendations in today and his SLCC transcript came through at 5:30. So glad that is all over with! Jorja, how about you get your college applications done well in advance? Maybe you should start working on them now!
 I was a little slow getting the picture of him clicking the final submit button. Oh well.
Stockton will sleep well tonight! Ha! No he won't, he has to get up at 5:45 to go to his English class at SLCC tomorrow. That boy sure works hard! Jorja slept in the guest room for unknown reasons. She was a little sad after school. I asked her if she wanted me to sleep in there with her. That is what I would do a few months ago. She just wanted to be alone. Hopefully she sleeps well and can be back to her delightful self tomorrow.

Mike, Preston and I played Pandemic Season 2 today. We lost. That game is hard! Preston loves it though. I hope we can figure out the best plan to meet our objectives. I love playing games with Preston. It is crazy how he can remember every single obscure rule there is! Makes playing games with him easy though.

Today would have been my mom and dad's 49th wedding anniversary. How fun would it have been to celebrate 50 years with them next year? I miss my mom.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Jorja and Travin
We had the missionaries over for dinner again today. This is the day we originally signed up for. Mike made taco bowls. Sister Turner was thrilled. Yesterday she told us how much she loved tacos. Jorja was able to come home early from Macbeth again, so she was here too. That was nice. Stockton was at the state bowling championship and Preston was at piano. Stockton did great, but overall Alta took 4th. Mike set up the massage table and Preston loved it!
Preston and Mike
I have been after Stockton for a long time to finish his BYU college application. He has been super slow about working on it for two reasons. One, he is incredibly busy. Academic Decathlon and Sterling Scholar stuff. The Sterling Scholar portfolio was due today. Two, he doesn't want to go to BYU. I don't want him to close any doors. Utah State was pretty low on Maysen's list, but became her top choice a few months later. Anyway, Stockton realized tonight that he hadn't sent in his SLCC transcript. YIKES! We hurried and ordered it and are crossing our fingers that it will get to BYU tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Mike has this week off, which is awesome! I talked him into going to a $5 Tuesday movie with me. I sent this picture to make Jorja jealous. She has tried several times to see this movie with different friends. It has never worked out. We went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe afterwords.
Preston went to Ben's house after school. No one signed up to feed the missionaries so we made waffles for them. All of a sudden I realized that I should get Preston before the missionaries came. What if Ben had to go somewhere and I needed to pick him up? I wouldn't be able to leave for about an hour. Right as I was about to leave Jorja texted me to pick her up. She was able to leave her Macbeth rehearsal a couple of hours early. Yay! I picked Jorja up and rushed Preston out of Ben's house. We got home a few minutes before the missionaries showed up. Whew!

The missionaries talked about the talk given in conference a few years ago called What Lack I Yet? They asked us if we would be willing to pray and ask Heavenly Father what we lacked. I laughed and said I already know many things I lack! Sister Turner then read Ether 12:27, which is one of my favorite scriptures. "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble;..." Sister Turner pointed out that the Lord is saying 'weakness' which is singular. She said that Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to work on every challenge we have at the same time, but if we go to Him and ask what He would have us work on He will say, "Here, this is what I need you to focus on now." I don't know if I'm explaining it as simply as Sister Turner, but I loved it.

I dropped Jorja off for young womens. They were making pizzas. She texted me after awhile and asked if I could pick her up. She was not feeling well. Boo! Hopefully she'll feel better in the morning.