Thursday, July 13, 2017

Off to Youth Conference

Stockton and Jorja left for youth conference this morning. They are river rafting down the Green River. Hopefully they will be safe. Steve just did that a few weeks ago and was pulled under with his life jacket. Let's hope nothing like that happens on this trip.
Stockton & Jorja
Mike and I went to David Yauney's wedding. They were married in the temple earlier today, but we were able to go to the ring ceremony and reception. It was beautiful and the food was great. They had registered on Amazon and they actually picked One Night Ultimate Werewolf. That is what I got for them. Perfect since Stockton and Josh (David's brother) learned about this game together.

In other news, Preston has had this taped up by our doorbell for awhile. Is this why we have no friends? :)

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