Thursday, May 18, 2017

DC with Brett

I just realized I don't have any pictures of people today, just random things. Whoops. Anyways, Brett picked me up bright and early at the airport. Too bad he didn't know the plane was going to be two hours late when he went to bed. I sent him a text telling him to check the flight before he picked me up. I just forgot to put the airline and flight number on it. He figured it out though. Brett took me home and I was able to see Marie and Mina before they went to school. Rachel then took Grace and Eve to Grace's preschool party. Brett and I headed to DC. It took awhile to find a parking space. I took a picture on my phone in case we needed to remember the number. Too bad I didn't use the picture! When we got back at the end of the day Brett had two tickets! What? He went and found a parking attendant to find out why. Turns out when Brett paid for parking he used the number 22446. How frustrating!
Brett and I wanted to go to the World War II museum. Neither of us had been there. We wanted to see if there was anything about Grandpa or the Rainbow division. The line was long when we were driving by, so we were worried all the tickets for the day had been given out. Turns out that because Brett is active military we were able to just go right in. Nice! We spent about three hours there, and we were even hurrying! The last thing we did was go up to the fifth floor to their research library. We asked the people if they could help us find anything. They showed us this video of Grandpa. It was taken in 1995 I think. I don't remember it. It was so fun to see him!
We found a few books. We think that Grandpa had this one because it looks kind of familiar. Still fun to find his name.
My grandpa's name is John "Jack" Parry
Brett and I had pizza at a place called & Pizza. Brett calls it 'and pizza', but the signs all say & Pizza.
& Pizza
Brett tried their cereal milk. He just had a little bit and said it was disgusting. I was not even tempted to try this at all. I hate the leftover milk in the cereal. That is what they actually advertised! Brooke might love it though. She likes drinking the leftover milk.
We still had money this time on the parking meter after we finished lunch. We decided to walk to Chinatown. It's not as big as Chinatown in San Francisco, but it was fun. Too bad Jorja or Preston couldn't translate for me!
I did love this crosswalk!
Chinatown here was mostly things you would regularly see, but with Chinese characters below it. For example:
 The Verizon Center ~ where the Wizards play
We did a quick run through of the National Art Museum. We found Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Brett and I don't understand art. It was hard to figure out why some of the things in there were in there. How did they choose? Do things rotate? This license plate wall was my favorite. All of the states in alphabetical order making the preamble to the constitution. Clever.
We got home ten minutes before 5. Brett hurried and got me his laptop. I signed into skyward because arena scheduling was opening. Stockton decided he would love to take foods with Jorja. Jorja was so excited about that. There is only one spot left in foods and I wanted to get it! The problem was, in my mind I thought Stockton had math 1010 6th period. Nope. It was Team Sports, which he needs for graduation. How did I miss that? The only way to get it to work was for me to move AP Research to 1st semester and Team Sports to 2nd semester. I didn't want to do it without Stockton giving me the okay. I texted him, but he didn't see my message for a few minutes. He said it was fine, but by then the foods class was full. I'm so disappointed. Stockton and Jorja would have loved to have a class together! I kept checking the rest of the day. For the next two hours I was checking constantly. Dang it! If I would have realized his math class was 5th instead of 6th I would have already had a plan in action and I'm sure I could have gotten foods. I'm frustrated with myself!

The rest of the day we spent hanging out. Putting the girls to bed. Talking. Rachel is trying to figure out the best plan for their move to Florida. Lots of things to figure out. Glad that is not me!

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